For Sale: Magic: the Gathering Revised Edition Dual Lands

February 20, 2022

The Dual Lands Have Been Sold!

The cards listed have all been sold. Thank you for your interest!

I may sell more cards in the future. Check back later!


Bayou #1SOLD
Bayou #2SOLD
Bayou #3SOLD
Bayou #4SOLDSlight print imperfection on back. Tournament legal in sleeves.
Plateau #1SOLD
Plateau #2SOLD
Plateau #3SOLD
Plateau #4SOLDScratch on back of card. Tournament legal in sleeves.
Savannah #1SOLD
Savannah #2SOLD
Scrubland #1SOLD
Scrubland #2SOLD
Tropical Island #1SOLD
Tropical Island #2SOLD
Tundra #1SOLD
Tundra #2SOLD
Underground Sea #1SOLD
Underground Sea #2SOLD
Volcanic Island #1SOLDMinor binder mark in back of card. Tournament legal in sleeves.
Volcanic Island #2SOLDMinor binder mark in back of card. Tournament legal in sleeves.

The Cards Themselves

As can be seen in the gallery, each of the cards will be shipped in protective top loaders and a sleeve. This should keep the card safe until they are in your possession.

For these, I’m also offering free shipping, and insurance on the purchase as well via carrier. I’ll be using UPS as they’ve been my go-to for shipping, I’ve had good experience with them where I’m at, and I’ve had a better experience with them than the USPS in my local area.

I can do a Messenger or FaceTime video call to verify the cards’ conditions and legitimacy as well, to ease any concerns.

To reach me, click on the Facebook social media button in the sidebar or mobile menu, and then Send Message through Messenger. Alternatively, you can follow the Instagram link and send a message that way.