Three of Swords NFT Collection

January 25, 2022


Project Twitter:

I’ve been hard at work coming up with an NFT collection of my own as a fun side project. I’ve learned quite a bit along the way, such as coming up with the components as different layers, coding an algorithm to assemble each of the individual art pieces, making sure duplicates aren’t forged, etc.

What is the Three of Swords?

In tarot, the Three of Swords represents heartbreak, breakups, unrequited love, and other disappointments. It’s generally not a fun card to get in a reading, depending on the other cards placed around it or overall.

Reversed, the Three of Swords can represent recovering or coming out of heartbreak, moving on from disappointments, and a sense of renewal and willing to open oneself to love again.

About the Collection

This is a collection of 10,000 variants of the Three of Swords tarot card, each unique in its combination of attributes.

Each one of these many variants are a combination of several different types of hearts, swords, sword placements, borders, and backgrounds. Some may not even have a heart, and thus are the “heartless” ones.

As I figure some collectors may wish to auction off their own copies in the future, I’ve elected to give this collection a home on the Etherium blockchain. OpenSea’s offering on Polygon only allows for fixed price sales, so I figure this will give collectors some maximum flexibility.

Also, given the heartbreak theme that the Three of Swords has in the tarot, and how many tragedies have followed heartbreak in the past, including those of a more “final” nature, I think it is appropriate that some of the proceeds from the sales of this collection go to a noble cause.

One third of the proceeds from initial sales and any royalties from subsequent sales from the Three of Swords collection will be donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

I have already lost someone to suicide once, and know of others who have experienced the same. In those instances it wasn’t from heartbreak as far as I know, but the impact still remains all the same.

I don’t speak of it often, but I have been close to that point where I was even researching methods a couple times, and within the last few years. However, I pulled myself back from the brink those times. Things could have turned out differently, and I very well could have not done so.

Not everyone has someone in their lives that they can reach out to. I believe the AFSP’s mission to be highly beneficial in regards to preventing more tragedies from occurring.

All 10,000 are now available and ready for purchase. Find one that speaks to you, and thank you very much for your support. It means a lot to me, and will do others a world of good as well.

Properties to Expect:

Borders are be one of:

  • White
  • Black
  • Violet
  • Gold

Backgrounds are one of:

  • Plain White
  • Plain Black
  • Checkerboard
  • Clouds
  • Flame
  • Rainbow
  • “Redshift”
  • “Twin Blueshift”
  • Starry Twilight
  • Violet Flame

Swords are:

  • Single-edged Swords
  • Double-Edged Swords
  • Blue-Handled Katanas
  • Red-Handled Katanas

There are 12 different formations for the swords, and these can be over or under the hearts, or simply present for the “heartless” varieties.

Hearts are:

  • Simple Red
  • Grayscale
  • Locked
  • Red Flame
  • Crystal
  • Broken
  • Ice
  • Rainbow
  • Stone
  • Golden Ratio
  • No Heart (“Heartless”)